• A remodeled interior café wall for a blog post about refreshing a business post-pandemic.

    11 Resources for Refreshing Your Business Post-Pandemic

      Running a business became a lot tougher during the pandemic. While you may not be able to reopen your operation yet — or if you have, it may look very different than before — there are ways to give...

  • A remodeled interior café wall for a blog post about refreshing a business post-pandemic.

    Which Pocket Latte Flavor Are You?

    Are you a Cream + Sugar kind of person or does your personality scream Lavender Vanilla? Does your favorite flavor match your personality? Time to find out! What’s your favorite season? Summer Winter Fall Spring What’s the first thing you...

  • Pocket's Chocolates' Dark Roast coffee chocolate bars shown on a table with coffee beans.

    No Gluten, No Soy Lecithin, No Palm Oil Explained

    If you have not already noticed, Pocket Latte is an all-natural coffee square that is made with less than 8 ingredients. Essentially, it is an energy alternative that is made with real coffee and natural caffeine. Unlike energy drinks, there are no hidden ingredients....

    A Brief History of Coffee

    Coffee is so ubiquitous and easily accessible that we rarely stop to think about where coffee comes from or how it came to be. Coffee has a history that is almost as rich as its flavor! Its origin spans several centuries and continents. It all starts with a legend...
  • World’s Most Expensive Coffees

    World’s Most Expensive Coffees

    How much is your typical cup of coffee? If you order from a cafe, they normally average around $5 maybe $6. Some rare coffees, however, can run you hundreds of dollars. If coffee is your splurge of choice, read ahead...

  • Perfect Gifts for Coffee Enthusiasts

    Perfect Gifts for Coffee Enthusiasts

    The best gifts for your coffee enthusiasts friends and family is just a click away! I know it is currently hard to shop for gifts, being that all the stores are closing due to the pandemic. Don’t worry, this list...