World’s Most Expensive Coffees

How much is your typical cup of coffee? If you order from a cafe, they normally average around $5 maybe $6. Some rare coffees, however, can run you hundreds of dollars. If coffee is your splurge of choice, read ahead for some of the world’s priciest cups of caffeine:

Kopi Luwak: 

This famously expensive coffee from Indonesia has extraordinary origins. Kopi Luwak is the product of civet’s feces (otherwise known as toddy cats)! Civets are picky eaters, choosing to consume only the sweetest coffee cherries. Their digestive enzymes then change the structure of these coffee cherries, making them even smoother and sweeter. The droppings are then thoroughly cleaned, roasted and brewed, creating a perfectly smooth coffee with floral notes. Kopi Luwak costs anywhere between $300-$600 per pound and a single cup can cost almost $80!

Black Ivory

Like Kopi Luwak, Black Ivory coffee has similar animal origins. Native to Thailand, this coffee is produced from the feces of elephants! The process starts with the elephants’ consumption ofArabica coffee beans, which their digestive enzymes then turn into a smooth, almost fruity coffee. A pound of this will set you back around $1000, with much of the price coming from the difficulty in extracting the whole beans. Some of the proceeds of this coffee go towards the healthcare of elephants in animal refuges, so this is a purchase you can feel good about!

Ospina Dynasty Gran Cafe Premier Grand Cru:

If you need a break from all the animal droppings, this coffee might be the cup for you! Ospina Dynasty is produced by the world’s oldest coffee company and sourced from altitudes of over 7500 feet. After the beans are taken from the Colombian mountains, they are then fermented, sundried and roasted. For the ideal cup, it is suggested that the beans are brewed in pure water. The resulting cup of coffee is nutty and smooth. While not as expensive as the other two cups, this will still cost you about $150 a pound!

While all these expensive coffee beans sound exciting, I think me and my college student budget are going to continue choosing Pocket Latte for my caffeine kick.