Perfect Gifts for Coffee Enthusiasts

The best gifts for your coffee enthusiasts friends and family is just a click away!

I know it is currently hard to shop for gifts, being that all the stores are closing due to the pandemic. Don’t worry, this list will provide you with the best gifts that can be purchased online and delivered right to your doorstep. Staying safe, while shopping!

Although these products can be great for people who love coffee, they can also be great for anyone who needs a quick boost! Maybe someone who likes to work out, study, or is always on the go.

Here are the perfect gifts for coffee enthusiasts:

Keurig Mini

Know someone that needs a small, quick, reliable, and portable coffee maker? The Keurig Mini is the perfect gift for them! This Keurig is a single serve coffee maker that makes anywhere perfect for great coffee. It can fit anywhere whether a small countertop, dorm room, or office being 5” wide and 12” tall. Brew any cup size between 6-12oz with over 75 of the best beverage brands that trust Keurig. 

KeepCup Brew Cork Tempered

Do you have a friend or family member that is always on the move or always has their coffee in the morning? The KeepCup makes morning coffee to-go more interesting with it’s glass-and-cork combo and comes in various sizes ranging from 6-16oz. The tempered glass although might look fragile, it is durable with a cork band for comfort. It is splash-proof, so no more coffee spills when you’re sipping and walking!

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

So you already have your coffee maker and your coffee cup, but what if you know someone who likes to grind their own coffee? No worries, you can get them the perfect coffee grinder: Baratza. This is an award winning grinder that is preferred by coffee professionals and is entry-level. This is the perfect gift for someone who is passionate about brewing their own coffee for purist and freshest taste. This is also for any beginners who want to start grinding their coffee!

Acaia Pearl Model S Professional-Grade Digital Smart Coffee Scale

Maybe you know that person who wants to be perfect about everything or is very precise with their measurements. This Smart Coffee Scale is the perfect gift for serious coffee lovers ready to take the next step to achieve consistent success with brewing. This modern and minimalist scale is designed to monitor weight, time, and flow rates as you brew. Do not be deceived by it’s simple look. This scale holds many hidden functionalities that work with your smartphone as well. The ultimate gift for anyone trying to progress as a home coffee brewer.

Pocket Latte 


Last but not least! Get your friends and family the perfect alternative for coffee…Pocket Latte! These ready-to-eat coffee bars will give you enough energy to tackle long days at the office, studying, and even workouts. Each bar has their own unique flavor but it is made with real coffee! Maybe someone you know hates waiting in line or coffee spills? Pocket Latte will surely give them enough caffeine (100-150mg, varied through flavor) and will taste like the real deal. Even better, it is made with all natural ingredients and there is no gluten. Don’t wait, buy someone you care about a Pocket Latte!