Our story in the making

Hey there, Pocketie!
We’re Chris, Young, and Lynn, and we’re the chocolate lovers and snack enthusiasts behind Pocket’s Chocolates (formerly known as Pocket Latte).
Headshot photos of the founders: Lynn, Chris, and Young.
People may be obsessed with the zero and guilt-free label, but we believe that nobody should feel guilty for enjoying the food they love in the first place. Be kind to your body and your soul because whatever the food, guilt is not an ingredient.
Pocket's Chocolates' chocolate almond pieces displayed in various flavors.
Indulge in a sweet snack with intention, purpose, and balance, and savor every delicious moment of it! That’s why we create our chocolate snacks with real and exciting ingredients, sweetened just enough to satisfy both your adult sweet tooth and your care-free inner child.

Stay kindly sweet and seriously fun!
Chris, Young, and Lynn