Which Pocket Latte Flavor Are You?

Are you a Cream + Sugar kind of person or does your personality scream Lavender Vanilla? Does your favorite flavor match your personality? Time to find out!

What’s your favorite season?

  1. Summer
  2. Winter
  3. Fall
  4. Spring

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

  1. Hit the snooze button and go back to sleep
  2. Get up and make a cup of coffee
  3. Check your phone for notifications
  4. Do some journaling and some stretches

Choose a superpower:

  1. Flight
  2. Super speed
  3. Stopping time
  4. Mind reading

Pick a drink (other than coffee!):

  1. Water
  2. Cocktails
  3. Tea
  4. Kombucha

What have you been doing in quarantine?

  1. Binging Netflix shows
  2. Working Out
  3. Baking
  4. Tik-toking 

Pick a vacation destination:

  1. Bali
  2. New York
  3. Seattle
  4. Prague

What’s your Hogwarts House?

  1. Gryffindor
  2. Ravenclaw
  3. Slytherin
  4. Hufflepuff

Mostly 1s: Like the classic Cream + Sugar combo, you’re reliable and trustworthy. You’re a dependable friend and your personality draws people in. You’re an optimist that likes looking at the bright side of every situation. You’re sweet and engaging, a constant crowd favorite.

Mostly 2s: Like the rich Dark Roast flavor, you’re strong and bold. You make plans and you stick to them. You’re bold and unafraid of any challenges. You’re a determined person who doesn’t let obstacles stop you from achieving your goals.

Mostly 3s: Like the balanced Hazelnut, you’re a chill and go-with-the-flow type person. You’re adaptable and can adjust well to any given situation. You don’t take yourself too seriously and you have a great sense of humor.

Mostly 4s: Like the unique Lavender Vanilla, you’re very fun and sociable. You’re up to date with all the latest trends and you know how to keep any conversation going. You’re not afraid to try new things and you embrace all the wonderful and weird aspects of life.