The Backbone for GREAT Coffee Flavor


Small batch roasting is the equivalent to a 4-star Michelin meal. The roasters (more like the artists) bring out individual flavor characteristics that you cannot find from big batch roasting.

Some factors to consider are temperature, timing, water content, mixture, quantity, and environmental conditions from where the bean grows. Not all beans grow the same way so it is important to take the time and approach carefully when roasting; that is why small batch roasting is way better than large batches.

Here, at Pocket Latte, we pride ourselves in using small batch roasted coffee to derive the best coffee flavor and quality. Each bar uses a different type of roast or a mixture of two that bring out smooth flavors and compliment our special flavors like hazelnut or lavender vanilla.



Buy your coffee like your produce. After 2-3 weeks, the coffee bean loses its flavor and becomes more stale because the sugars and oils leave the center. Aging also makes it more bitter, astringent, and spoiled.

Typically, bags will have a “roasted on” or “best before” date on them. If it has been 2 months since the “roasted on” date, then it is best to leave it on the shelf and keep your taste buds away from it. As for the “best before” date, if you’re 2-3 months away from it reaching the expiration date, then feel free to take it home.

I suggest that the best way to get the most fresh batch of roasted coffee would be to buy locally. Find a local roaster near you, and get the most fresh and tasty bag of beans you could ever have. Another benefit of doing this is that you are helping small businesses and strengthening your community.


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