One of the Most Underrated Ways to Brew Coffee

There are many ways to brew coffee nowadays. With new technologies readily available for affordable prices, such as the Keurig and other brewing machines, it can be easy to overlook old-school methods. Newer methods save time, money, ease of use, have smaller learning curves, and are simply more convenient. However, there is one way to make coffee that is overlooked by many – the Percolator. Percolators have been used for quite some time, and there are different ways to percolate coffee. Here’s why the Percolator is one of the most underrated ways to brew coffee:

1. Simplicity and Versatility

All you need to use a percolator is coffee grounds, water, and heat. Simply fill the basin with water, fill the filter with coffee grounds, and set it on a stovetop. Wait until it’s done, and you can pour it directly into your mug.

In addition, percolators are usually very durable and can be placed on various heat sources. You can even place them on a campfire early in the morning before you start the day!

2. Price

Percolators are extremely affordable. You can buy a relatively high-quality percolator for about $15-$20.

3. Brew Quality

You won’t get some lousy, watered down brew with a percolator. The depth of the filter provides you with the opportunity to fill as much coffee as you want, resulting in a lighter or darker quality brew. Fully packing the filter with coffee will result in a rich, silky cup of coffee that packs quite a punch.

The only downside of the percolator is that it does consume coffee quicker than other methods, such assuming a K-cup in a Keurig. However, this depends on how strong you would like your brew to be (more coffee = stronger brew).

If you’re trying to switch up your brewing methods, try the Percolator!