3 Unique Signature Coffees Around the World

Through the hustle and bustle of working a 9-5, or not being able to find a seat at a crowded café on the weekends, there are the days when you just want to enjoy a good cup of coffee outside. Going through a drive-thru at Starbucks or picking up a mobile order doesn’t seem to cut it. There is just something so serene and relaxing about being in a café and watching the people go by.

These are 3 unique signature coffees from around the world that you should definitely try at a local café!

1. Portugal – Mazagran

The Mazagran has been considered as “the original ice coffee.” Some variations of the drink use espresso, lemon, mint, and rum. The most common version is sweetened espresso with a slice of lemon or lemon juice. Instead of adding milk or creamer, water is used to mix in the coffee. Fun fact: Starbucks tried to make this drink popular in California during the 90s.

2. Finland – Kaffeost

This drink is one of the most unique ones of all (and I definitely want to try it). Hot coffee is poured over chunks of Finnish squeaky cheese called juustoleipä. The cheese is made fresh with either cow, reindeer, or goat milk. The cheese picks up some of the roasted, smoky, and nutty flavors of the coffee and the heat from the drink softens it.

3. Germany – Pharisäer

Originated in northern Germany, the Pharisaer is a strong, sweetened hot coffee mixed with rum, sugar, and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. The locals say that the drink was to trick a pastor who was known for drinking alcohol. So, they mixed coffee with rum, and topped it with whipped cream to hide the smell of the rum. Not sure if I would have this drink on a Monday, but maybe to start off the Friday night right?

As adventurous as these drinks are, I think I’ll indulge on some Pocket Lattes for now. Maybe on a charcuterie board with some non-squeaky cheese and fresh fruits? Maybe post-lunch with a cake pop on the side?

What are some interesting coffee drinks that you had, and where?