Why Pocket Latte?

Pocket Latte is Ready-to-Eat Coffee designed to deliver a natural caffeine boost in a quick, convenient and delicious way. Each bar contains the equivalent of one cup of coffee, so you can skip the brewing process and the cup. Not only do you get the health benefits from coffee, but our products are also made from all-natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free ingredients. Most of our flavors are even vegan-friendly

“We wanted to give people an energy bar that’s made from the best ingredients, without harmful or synthetic additives, and actually tastes amazing.” – Chris, Founder


Like you, we at Pocket Latte are busy people. We were on a quest to find a product that we can use to power us through the afternoon slump. Unfortunately, it seemed like every energy product out there left us feeling poisoned, or they didn’t work at all. Even coffee has problems of its own. After surveying our local community, we found that people don’t like taking the time to make coffee, risk spilling it on their clothes, and waiting for the small window between “too hot” and “too cold”. Since nobody knew where to find such a product, we realized that we needed to create it ourselves.

Our bars have zero preparation, zero spillage, and can be eaten throughout the day at your own pace. To top it all off, they’re made with responsibly-sourced ingredients that are easy to pronounce (because synthetic chemicals simply don’t belong in your body!)


They absolutely love it. Even we didn’t anticipate the outstanding reactions that our customers give to us. We started off by launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and were successfully funded at 247% of our set goal. We finished with 352 supporters each purchasing $35 of our bars on average, and nearly 13,000 video views. Only about halfway into our campaign, Kickstarter’s staff hand-selected our project as a “Project We Love”, which gave us a special badge and newsletter coverage. We have almost 100 comments on our campaign page from enthusiastic customers who are head-over-heels about our bars.

So then we decided to test it at the local level. We applied and were accepted to become permanent vendors in Los Angeles’ largest and most popular weekly food market—Smorgasburg LA. We quickly gained a loyal following there and our revenue figures have made remarkable growth every week, making us one of the top artisanal vendors at the market. We were invited to multiple large events at the Los Angeles and Anaheim Convention Centers and we sold out at almost every one of them. Pocket Latte is only in its third month of business and we’ve already increased our production capacities by nearly 500%.

Pocket Latte is the perfect solution to a common problem. We can’t wait for you to discover our product—we know you’ll appreciate the delicious pocket-sized afternoon boost.


– Dark Roast:

Bold & intense flavor of dark roast coffee, infused with crunchy bits of organic coffee beans for added texture and aroma.

– Cream + Sugar:

Silky smooth texture and easy on the palate, with a rich medium roast taste. Resembles coffee with cream and sugar.

– Hazelnut:

Light coffee taste with a soothing hazelnut scent, blended with chunks of roasted hazelnuts for a perfect balance.

– Lavender Vanilla:

French vanilla coffee softened with organic lavender flowers and mixed with crunchy bits of light coffee beans.