Coffee As a Pre-Workout

Calling all coffee lovers and fitness enthusiasts! Do you enjoy working out but sometimes have no motivation? Coffee is the perfect answer!

Although pre-workout supplements have become increasingly popular, the best one will not be found in the shelves of supplements stores. Advertised to improve athletic performance, supplementary pre-workouts have an ongoing list of ingredients that could potentially be dangerous or harmful to your body in the long run.

Furthermore, the majority of these pre-workout products include an excess amount of caffeine that can lead to negative side effects which include increased blood pressure, itching sensations, and anxiety (1).

So what is the perfect solution for motivation that will not have you checking labels and ingredients? Consume more coffee! The best solution for an engaging workout can be found in your house, at your local coffee shop, or in your pocket (Pocket Latte)!

Here is why to consume coffee as a pre-workout:

1. All Natural

Coffee is a stimulant that contains all-natural caffeine, that will give you a healthy boost before your workout. Once you consume coffee, it works in your nervous system and heart to improve your mindset and performance. Like any other pre-workout, the effects will usually take around 15-30 mins after consumption.

Although it is common to drink coffee, Pocket Latte makes ready-to-eat coffee bars that contain the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee! These coffee squares can fit in your gym bag or pocket, and are ready to improve your workout performance without the cramps caused by drinking excessive amounts of liquids.

2. Increase Weight Loss Results 

If you consume coffee before a workout, the fat cells in your body can be used for energy. The high amounts of caffeine that coffee contains can help improve your metabolism while burning fat throughout the day.

Although eating high protein meals after a workout is recommended, if you are trying to lose excessive weight, coffee acts as an appetite suppressant which makes you consume less.  Along with burning fat, coffee helps you improve your focus and performance during your workout. This will enhance your weight loss results within time.

Health journals have reported studies that found caffeine as a “powerful ergogenic aid,” and mentions that athletes can train at a greater power output and/or train longer. (2). Overall, if you do not want to be worried or concerned with chemicals in preworkout supplements, the best alternative is coffee.

3. Reduce Muscle Pain

Experience less muscle pain if you consume coffee before a workout. Are you tired of working out and having sharp pain every time you stretch, lift weights, or run for a long period?

Research studies found that people who consume coffee before a workout experienced less muscle soreness by 50% (3). Not only are you going to be pain free within time, but you can also complete more reps, run fast, and run longer during your high interval workout training. Need a little extra push? Try Pocket Latte before your workout routine!