Put Down Energy Cans, Pick Up Coffee Squares

Today, you can go to any liquor, gas, or grocery store and see coolers full of energy drinks with a variety of flavors. Although some may be perceived as “natural”, most cans are full with lists of different ingredients that the average person cannot understand. They also tend to hide most of their synthetic additives in the label that can hurt one’s body in the long run.

Energy drinks target their audience by offering physical and mental increased performance promises, with bright colors schemes. Ultimately, they also offer high amounts of caffeine (ranging from 200mg and more) and excessive sugar content (twice the amount found in soda). Research has found that consuming high amounts of sugar, can lead to weight gain, risk of type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. (1)

In this blog, I will explain the harmful effects of consuming energy drinks and how Pocket Latte is on a mission to provide a healthy and all-natural energy alternative! So put down that energy can and pick up a coffee square!

What’s inside your typical can of “energy”?

As energy drinks are becoming more and more popular amongst the youth, fitness enthusiasts, and daily workers, it is important to understand the effects.

Essentially, energy drinks can be compared to soda beverages with excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar. Along with these, they are filled with supplements and additives that claim to have a beneficial effect on performance. However, studies have shown it is a based on marketing schemes and truly have no beneficial effects on one’s health. (2)

The high amounts of caffeine and sugar in energy drinks create a mass increase in blood glucose levels and increase in blood pressure/heart rate. A couple hours after consumption, one will experience an “energy” crash and the body will respond like it’s stressed. This leads to people consuming more and more to avoid the after effects. Which only leads to more side effects that include anxiety, insomnia and heart problems.

Energy drinks get most of their effects from the combination of sugar and caffeine but also include taurine and a list of synthetic additives. The global energy drink market target the youth and young adults that are willing to spend on these “energy” cans that only affect long-term health effects.

Overall it is best to stay away from energy drinks as studies have shown correlation to illness and death. (3) Ingredient found in energy drinks such as guarana, ginseng, and taurine have caffeine concentrations that can be dangerous, if the can already contains high amounts of caffeine.  As mentioned, too much caffeine for young adults and youth can lead to aggravating heart issues and ultimately death.

Synthetic Caffeine 

Synthetic Caffeine is found in beverages such as soda and energy drinks. Although you cannot tell a difference between natural and synthetic, it is important to understand the effects. Many people do not know where it comes from or are unable to identify whether they are consuming it or not.

Synthetic caffeine is much cheaper to produce than source natural caffeine. Although it is primarily used for food and beverages, it can be used in a variety of products. Large companies use synthetic caffeine not only because it is cheaper, but it is highly potent Large amounts of synthetic caffeine can be dangerous to humans.

Unlike natural caffeine, synthetic caffeine is absorbed through the digestive system much faster. This leads to faster caffeine effects but a harder “crash”. Although you cannot tell a difference between natural and synthetic on a bigger scale, it is very distinguishable on a molecular level and how it is produced. (4)

Why make the switch to Pocket Latte?

Pocket Latte is made with all-natural ingredient and natural caffeine. There are no hidden ingredients, and it uses real coffee so it taste just like coffee!

Unlike energy drinks, you can carry it around all day without needing a cooler and it fits right in your pocket!

Have your healthy energy alternative anywhere, and anytime. Just one bite will help you get stuff done and boost productivity. Seriously, drop the energy can and pick up the worlds best coffee square.